Layla Pace    Ava Simos      Tyla Channells      Annie Lowbridge      Jimmy Johnston

Jahriah Ugri     Liliya Tatarinoff      Matilda Young      India-Rose Barnett


Isabelle Ruzek             Saani Ugri        Tyla Channells             Nia Donnelly

Emily Falconi              Ruby Minto     Layla Pace                   Jimmy Johnston

Connor Minto              Tyler Robson   Jahriah Ugri                 Harley Dimech

Imogen Ryan               Ava Simos        Jess Stone                    Liliya Tatarinoff

Annie Lowbridge         Katie O’Mara  Matilda Young             Portia Roberts

Luke Falconi    Kynan Patterson          Maya Dillon                 Tylah Legge

Nate Beatty     Monty Lowbridge       Matthew Norman       Charlie McKee

Marley Pace   Cameron Stamper             Olivia Falconi               Felicity Ruzek

Holly Whormsley        Libby Johnston             Jack Legge       Lauren Gee

India-Rose Barnett      Gilbert Johnston          Tahlia Williams

Charlotte Dillon          Amelia Heron Little     Anya Tatarinoff


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