Age Champions 2015/16


What a great year!! 2015/16

The 2015/2016 season was such a big year for our club- more than doubling in registration numbers to the previous season. These athletes were consistent in attendance and their results, often achieving personal bests in many events. See who got our coaches attention for great effort and winning the coaches award.

Age Champion Medals Girl Boy
Age Champ 6 Aleah Morgan River Stanford
Age Champ 7 Nia Donnelly Niall Dudley
Age Champ 8 Cameron Stamper Max Miller
Age Champ 9 Mia Smyth Alexander Russell
Age Champ 10 Leila George James Fleming
Age Champ 11 Sienna Bolton Luis Bolton
Age Champ 12 Tahlia Coles Jamie Trivers
Age Champ 13 Juliet Williams
Age Champ
Marley Coles
Age Champ 14/15 Myah Pantle


Coaches Awards


Annie Lowbridge & Marley Coles


Annie Lowbridge & Marley Coles

Event (Sticker) Count winners


Violette Garrick               SILVER
Jack Legge                     BRONZE

A cumulative sticker count is kept by the Club for the duration of each athlete’s career. Stickers for Friday night competitions are automatically added by the computer. Stickers are also counted for official training sessions. Stickers are also counted for competing in all Little Athletics events at other Club, Zone, Regional and State carnivals.
200 = Bronze Medal, 300 = Silver Medal, 400 = Gold Medal,
500 = Plaque, 1000 = Plaque.
* Medals for sticker counts are separate to the P. B. Multi Event, gold, silver, bronze awards.

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