Event (Sticker) Count Medals 2016/17

A cumulative event count is kept by the Club for the duration of each athlete’s career. Stickers for Friday night competitions are automatically added by the computer. Stickers are also counted for official training sessions. Stickers are also counted for competing in all Little Athletics events at other Club, Zone, Regional and State carnivals.
200 = Bronze Medal, 300 = Silver Medal, 400 = Gold Medal,
500 = Plaque, 1000 = Plaque.
* Medals for sticker counts are separate to the P. B. Multi Event, gold, silver, bronze awards.


Marley Williams, Tahlia Williams, Luis Bolton, Lauren Gee, Annie Lowbridge  SILVER MEDALSITS

Nia Donnelly, Monty Lowbridge, Max Miller, Teah Miller, James Fleming, Liliya Tatarinoff   BRONZE MEDALISTS