Personal Best Improvement Medals 2016/17

Personal Best Improvement Medals
BRONZE medal 20+ Gilbert Johnston, Laila Pickering, Lauren Gee, Taj Knight, Jimmy Jonston, Marley Williams, Luke Falconi, Ariel Delisser, Ella Orr, Ally Cremer, Miliah Roader, Talan Beatty, Jackson Stamper, Jasmine George, Layla Pace, Jaxson Tutt, Nina Boije af Gennas, Leila George, Tom Borg, Tyger-May Rhodda, Jahriah Ugri, James Fleming
SILVER medal 25+ Annie Lowbridge, Nia Donnelly, Gabrielle Hingee, Tyla Channells, Phoebe Sherridan, Mahlia Phipps, Harley Dimech
GOLD medal 30+ Imogen Ryan, Emily Falconi, Sienna Peirce

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