Competition Procedure

Start 5:45pm

OFFICIALS will oversee each event, and their decision will be final.  If an official is not present, the manager acts as official.

Managers are responsible for a particular age group.   They must know the rules and protocols for each event.  Inexperienced managers should attend training for assistance.  The manager must enforce the roster for their age group, as one group that is not running smoothly will disrupt the competition for all other age groups.  Every age group must supply at least two parents at the straight and circular track finishing line (4 parents for the 6’s and 7’s) to allocate places for their age groups’ races.  Timing will be done by the rostered timekeepers.

At each field event there is a folder summarising the rules.


Each age group is responsible for assisting the chief equipment officer, with setting up your first event and putting away following your final event of the night.

Order of Events

 Table of Events by Age Group 2019/20

Field events must be completed in the order written in each field event folder.  Only the event official (NOT the manager) can alter this order.  Managers are to follow the order of events listed in their age group folders.  Failure to follow this order, may benefit your age group, but will disrupt every other group’s night.  The order of competing age groups is listed in the field event folder at each event.  If you arrive at a field event before the next listed age group, don’t start the field event, go to your next track event.  If there is a delay at your next field event, go to your next track event.

Managers and Officials; it is essential you organise a replacement or notify the President or Secretary if you are unable to attend a competition night.


Managers and event officials should be aware of records. Any record should be signed (after confirmation with the track starter) by the official and manager, otherwise the club will not acknowledge the record. These results are then discussed at a full committee meeting and only verified if there are no irregularities.

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