TWLA Committee Contacts


PRESIDENT Held by- Michele Simos

• Liaise, assist, direct, advise and supervise committee tasks

• Monitor work load of committee members and assist where possible

• Attend sports council/ zone and club meetings and official functions or arrange suitable replacement, relay information from meetings.

• Problem solve complaints and disputes with members and committee members.

• Risk management and prevention

• Provide report for blue handbook and annual report

• Field Marshall on competition nights

VICE PRESIDENT Held by  Carmen Fleming

• Assist the president with above duties

SECRETARY Held by Miranda Bryant

• Collect and record mail

• Filing and management of official documents

• Recording and distribution of meeting minutes and agenda’s

• Coordinate centre returns book

• Provide report as above

TREASURER- Jeff Stamper

• All bank transactions (no other club member to bank monies unless specifically asked by the treasurer).

• Receipting of money or allocate member of committee to do same

• Organise floats and receipt books NB treasurer only committee member to purchase and distribute receipt books, these should be labelled and recorded

• Liaise with auditor and present information on finances to committee

• Present verbal report and bank reconciliations at meetings, financial statements for annual report

REGISTRAR- Held by April Coles

• Supervise registration of all members, including distribution of registration numbers and proof of identification checks

• Keep custody of registration numbers

• Monitor stationery for registration days or allocate appropriate help

• Collect all copies of registration forms including online registration and re-registrations. Mail Little Athletics NSW copy and file clubs copies for reference, and data entry of details.

• Liaise with treasurer re payment of registration monies

• Enter all registered athletes details into the TWLA system for use by recorder

CHAMPIONSHIP OFFICER- Held by Michele Simos 

• Organise entry forms and related paperwork for zone entries

• Organise Sign up genius link roster for parent helpers for zone carnival

• Relay information to other committee member regarding zone issues

• Attend when possible zone meetings and relay information

• Attend if possible zone carnival and manage team

• As above plus regional, state and/or other carnivals with significant number of athletes attending (can nominate a suitable replacement)

RECORDER- Shared by April Coles, Simone Channels

• Retrieve results from Friday competition and enter results into the Timing Solutions system for parents and athletes to access and view

• Monitor result sheets and report to committee any records (all records need to be signed off on Friday nights by Field Marshall and/or nominated replacement, no age managers to sign off records)

CANTEEN MANAGER- Held by Di Reeves

• Order food and drinks for canteen and BBQ, liaise with suppliers

• Supervise canteen volunteers, keep record of all volunteers

• Liaise with Treasurer regarding canteen float

• Give Friday night takings to Treasurer each Friday


• Maintain, organise, inspect and supervise club sports equipment

• Organise and supervise Friday night setup and pack up

• Organise repair or replacement of equipment

• Organise operation, service, repair and maintenance of tractor

• Organise gas bottles for BBQ

• Liaise with council regarding ground keeping, lighting, line marking and key access


• Order and sell club uniforms and merchandise

• Stock take for annual audit


• Assist committee with above duties

CLUB COACH- Held by Dave Lowbridge

• Minimum level O athletics coach

• Organise, supervise and document training and skill sessions

• Organise club relay teams for zone

FIRST AID OFFICERS-  Dr Geoff Smyth/ Sally Carr

▪ Must have an accredited certificate in first aid or above

▪ Be on call at Centre competition meetings to attend to any injuries or illness sustained by the athletes or spectators

▪ Record any injuries in the First Aid register and forward this to LANSW at the end of the season.


▪ Manage Club website and Facebook page

▪ Provide a vehicle for promoting news, coming events and information of a general nature in relation to the Centre

▪ Compilation and maintenance of publicity material to local schools and media sources

▪ Advertise the activities of the Centre throughout the local community.


  • Please see our Grievance officer to make any complaints. Formal complaints will only be taken further once in writing.

SET UP COORDINATOR- Susanna Bendevski