Friday 7 Feb 2020

Given the current and predicted weather conditions it is probably no surprise but with deep regret we will have to cancel tonight’s competition. For those attending region championships this weekend we are awaiting further information about the competition conditions. At this point everything is ON.

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Changes to Competition Schedule

The Region 2 Championships have been scheduled to continue on the weekend of 8 – 9 February – after cancellation over this past weekend due to heat. As a result, the TWLA has made the decision to move our Club Championships to 14 February and move that competition night (week 2) to this Friday, 7 February. So, the schedule the next two weeks will be:
7 February: Week 2 Friday Night Competition at Duffy’s
8-9 February: Region 2 Championships at Hunter Regional Sports Complex
14 February: Club Championships at Duffy’s
We appreciate that these scheduling changes may cause conflicts for some but the changes have been made in the best interests of the club as a whole.

Training this week (Wednesday) is on at Duffy’s:
4:00: Sprints
4:45: Hurdles
4:45: Long Jump
5:00: Discus and Shot Put

Thanks for your understanding

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This is all the info I have at this stage regarding when the rest of the events will postponed to.

More information will be posted when it is passed down.

Thank you,

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Sunday 2/2 Regional Update

All events currwntly paused hoping some events may resume. Awaiting information about what next steps will be. Please stay tuned.

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Regional Championships Sunday Event Update.

Region 2 update
Sunday program will commence at 7am tomorrow for track and field . The first track events will be the 800m. 3ks will not be conducted tomorrow due to the clash with other endurance events. The 3k’s and remainder of Saturday’s program will be conducted next Saturday 8th February from 9.30am. Please share this direct message with your team members. An update on next week’s program will be sent tomorrow. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Urgent: Region Changes Due to Hot Weather

Hi everyone – just an update for those who remain at Region today as well as information for those coming tomorrow. While it was not unexpected that the heat would rise to an unacceptable level today, it was very unexpected that it occurred at 10:20 a.m.!  As recommended by LANSW’s hot weather policy (and as I previously emailed could the possible), the remaining events for the day were suspended pending a determination of whether they could resume at 6:00 p.m.  

I have just received notification from the Region coordinator that the competition WILL NOT resume tonight as the heat and humidity levels have not dropped to a suitable level. I will receive an update soon as to how the remaining events from today will be 
As for tomorrow, given the predicted temperatures, it is very likely we will have a repeat of today.  Again, the organisers will try to get as many events possible finished in the morning and then there may well be a mid-day delay of several hours until competition resumes.  I am unable to make individual calls to everyone so please if you need information – call or text me and I will share what I know. I will also ask Carmen to put updates on FB (though there may be a slight delay). 
It is hot but we have had some fabulous results so far – including medals/progression to State Championships and some PBs (which should always be the main goal). It will take some patience but if everyone can remember that all involved with the running of this event (and I’m glad its not me!) is a volunteer. Are they doing everything right? Maybe not. But the circumstances are unenviable, they are not getting paid and it is outside our control anyway. So, let’s just try to have patience and hope for the best and get the best results we can for our TWLA athletes as the remainder of the weekend progresses.  
Please call if you have any questions.  Cheers, Michele (mob: 0432411388)
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Urgent Regional Information

The carnival has been postponed until 5pm tonight. The temperature will be reassessed abd a final devision will be made at 6pm.
If you have not left yet, dont leave yet.

Please share to everyone to ensure they see please 😊

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