Safety Guidelines

1.      Children must wear well-fitting shoes in ALL events.

2.      SPIKES must NOT be worn by U/6-U/10 athletes.  SPIKES can be worn by U/11-U/17 athletes in ALL track events, where you remain in the same lane such as 70m, 100m, 200m and 400m. In field events, spikes can be worn at High Jump, Long Jump and Triple Jump.  Athletes are only to use the equipment whilst they are participating in that particular event and under the Supervision of a responsible adult.

3.      Warm Up is compulsory; parents NOT managers are responsible for ensuring their children attend the Club Warm-Up at 6pm.  Parents are also responsible for their children’s fluids intake.

4.      All children who are unsupervised are a danger to themselves and others.  Parents, keep your little children close to you at all times and well clear of the events. Those who are not registered are NOT covered by insurance.


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