Wearing the correct club uniform with registration number, sponsor and age patch is compulsory.

The uniform consists of a club singlet and shorts or crop top and shorts. Plain black shorts can be worn with any uniform singlet or crop top. Non-uniform bike pants can only be worn under black shorts.

All uniform articles can be purchased for $20/$25 per item.


  1. One (1) registration number which is worn on the front in the centre of the club singlet.
  2. One (1) age group number which is worn on the top left hand corner of the club singlet or on the left hand lower corner of shorts or pants..
  3. One (1) Coles patch which is worn on the top right hand corner of singlet or crop top.
  4. All number patches must be affixed without modification of the coloured logos and sponsor information.


Age groups will be determined by the age members turn in the calendar year (i.e. age as at 31 December). Proof of age for all NEW members must be shown to the Registrar at the time of registration


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