Zone Info- How to Register

2019 TWLA Competitors :

Zone Championships Date:

30th Nov- 1st Dec 2019- 2 Day event

All athletes in the U7 and above age groups are encouraged to participate at the Zone Championships – it is the opportunity to compete against athletes from other area clubs, compete at the Mingara facility (which often leads to PBs!), possibly win ribbons and/or medals and potentially go on to compete at the Region or State Championships. We are in Region Zone 2.

* Please note there are limitations on how many events you can enter. Please adhere to this, as you will need to log in and delete additional events if you enter more than your age limit allows.

U7 -U12 athletes can enter in up to 4 events in total.

U13+ athletes can enter in up to 6 events in total.

How do we enter?

(Applications are OPEN)

Online registration for the Central Coast Zone Championships is now open through  ResultsHQ – Login  Use the email that you registered for Little Athletics and reset your password if you don’t know it.



Once logged in, click on the main drop down menu and select ‘nominations’ for mobile- (or see below for desk top)



  Or it will look like this and nominations will be along the top of the page. Central Coast Zone Championships will have a GREEN TAB  ” Begin Nomination”


Please ignore the date/time of the events listed on the system. You will have to refer to the attached PDF schedule of events to get a sense of the event order on the day.

Please choose events that your little athlete enjoys- you can choose events on either day, or across both- Up to you!

What age can athletes compete at Zone?

Athletes in the U7 age group do not progress any further than Zone.

Athletes in the U8 age group and above progress to the Region Championships – to be held at Glendale ( Newcastle) in February 2020.

Athletes in the U9 age group and above can progress to the State Championships – to be held at Sydney Olympic Park in March 2020.

Age groups from U7-U12 can choose to compete in up to 4 events across the Zone Championship. Age groups from U13+ can choose up to 6 events.

How many athletes progress to these next competitions?

See the Links from Little Athletics NSW.

Progression outline for Athletes

What does Zone cost?

The cost of entry into the Zone Championships is covered by our club – so there is no additional financial cost to you to attend. We will require your time to volunteer at this event.

Can we wear spikes?

Please see this link to all the rules of competition for Little Athletics.

Relay Races!

In addition to the up to 4 events (U7-U12) or 6 events (U13 – U17) that you select to compete in, the club will select relay participants.  There is one junior boys 4 x 100m relay and one junior girls 4 x 100m relay – each made up of one U9, one U10, one U11 and one U12 athlete. There is also one senior boys 4 x 100m relay and one senior girls 4 x 100m relay – each made up of one U13, one U14, one U15 and one U17 athlete.  Participants may run up an age group but not down.  Participants need not be entered in the 100m event at Zone to qualify for the relay. Relay participants will be selected based on the Club’s sole discretion taking into account a review of this season’s 100m results as entered in ResultsHQ and consultation with age managers and/or the Club’s training coach as necessary.

What if we have other Plans that Weekend?

This event will be held over the weekend of November 30 to December 1 at Mingara Athletics Track. This is not a compulsory event, but all athletes aged U7 and above can attend. Please check your calendars for other conflicting events – and consider enrolling in only a few events on one day or the other if conflicts exist.

Do Parents need to Volunteer?

As with all LANSW events, parents of every participating athlete will be required to volunteer over the course of the weekend – a separate Zone Championships roster will be created on Signup Genius when the duties and number of allocated slots are known.

Is there a March Past for all teams?

Not for 2019. 😦 But you can still get into the team spirit and cheer on all TWLA members. We will have streamers and party hats- please bring your own balloons or streamers to assist in our club being inspired to their best!!

My child may not win a race, should we bother coming?

Yes, please come anyway!! Zone championships is a great opportunity for our athletes to have some fun competing against athletes from other local clubs on first rate athletics facilities.  We encourage all eligible athletes to enter – regardless of ability – and come experience a fun day with your fellow Terrigal Wamberal Little Athletics Club members.  There is no cost as this event is included in your 2019/20 Little Athletics registration fee.

Bring plenty of water and snacks. Also, sunscreen, hats and sun safe clothing for the down time between races, for parents AND Children

Slip! Slop! Slap!

Any questions? Feel free to email or see Michele Simos at next Friday night’s competition.

 Applications are open for 2019!

2 Responses to Zone Info- How to Register

  1. Amanda Baird says:

    My son is under 9’s can you please advise me what days the events are on for him? Or does he need to attend the 3days- Fri, Sat & Sun? Is there any times??

    • Hi Amanda, there is an events list hyper linked on the zone info page.
      It will give you a rough guide of when the events are across the days. Now he just needs to choose which events he would like to compete in. There are track and field events spread across all the days and the age groups are noted on there too. U9’s can choose to enter up to four events only.
      If you have any further questions just pop us another message.

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