Our Centre is committed to the development of our athletes, age managers, coaches and officials. In addition to the information provided below, the LANSW website has numerous resources available under the “Resources” tab.


On competition nights, Age Managers can only provide limited and basic instruction on how to perform events in order to keep the athletes progressing though the rotation schedule. Athletes who would like more in-depth instruction should come to our weekly training sessions at Duffy’s Oval. Training is included in your club membership. Events offered at training will vary based on coach availability. In the interest of supervision, safety and productivity, some trainings may be restricted by age group and/or limited in size. All athletes must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Age Managers

The Club provides laminated event information showing how to execute events, as well as measure and record, in the Age Manager folder. This event information may also be accessed electronically – click here. Additionally, Age Managers may attend various courses offered by LANSW – including officials courses and/or the Introduction to Coaching course – which will provide more in-depth knowledge. Anyone serving as an Age Manager will be reimbursed for any fees associated with these courses. Lastly, Committee Members are available to demonstrate proper techniques , measuring or recording.  Please feel free to reach out if you need assistance.  


Volunteer coaches provide instruction in a variety of events at our weekly training sessions.  However, we are always looking for more assistance and for coaches with different specialties.  The Club will reimburse the cost of coaching certification in return for a commitment to join our other volunteer coaches.  Please see the Club President for more information.


The Centre is required to supply officials at external championships like the Zone and Region Championships. There are several free, short (30 minutes) online officials courses that provide useful information to understand the various events more fully – in order to assist your own athlete(s) and/or serve as an official on behalf of the Centre. If you are interested, go to

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