Our athletes perform a range of events every Friday night and have opportunities to compete in external competitions and championships.

Weekly Rotation Program

TWLA’s rotation program allows athletes to experience all contested events for their age group over a three week period. For the list of currently contested events for each age group, click here  Please note that we do not include any walks in our program.  Walks are very technical in execution and appeal only to a small minority within the Little Athletics community. Also, due to safety reasons, we do not offer javelin in our program. If your child is interested in walks or javelin, we encourage you to speak with the Club President about potential options. 

Club Championships

Usually in early February, the Club hosts its “Club Championships.” On this one Friday night, all age group members participate in four or five pre-determined events for which they are given points based on the State Combined Events point system. The athlete in each age group with the highest number of points is declared the Club Championships winner and recognised at the Club’s Presentation Night. The Club Championships event table will be posted to TeamApp once finalised each season. 

Event Specifications

The specifications for the various events have varied over the years and are governed by LANSW.  The current specifications by age group and event may be found by clicking here and on TeamApp under “Documents.”

Competition Schedules

We update the competition schedules annually to accommodate changes to events offered, age groups represented and numbers per age group. For this season’s competition schedule, with approximate start times, click here. The schedules will also be posted to TeamApp once finalised.  Event tables are subject to change given weather or field conditions or as needed in the Committee’s sole discretion.

External Events and Competitions

LANSW and other clubs host various championships and events that are available to TWLA members.  For more information, click here. Athletes in U12+ age groups are automatically granted a free dual membership with Athletics NSW (ANSW) and may participate in ANSW senior club events across the state at a nominal cost. Athletes either enter directly according to the instructions for each event or through their senior club. For more information, please contact the Club President. 

Championships Hall of Fame

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